Bederwehl Author

Jay Bederwehl has been telling stories all of his life. In the late 1990′s he had aspirations of becoming a comic book artist and while talented in that creative media, he found that there weren’t many around him to write the story line to go with his characters. Then in 2006, he decided to try his hand at writing it himself. The 22 page comic book script turned into a 35 page short story and the first incarnation of Stacked Deck: A DarkWalk Investigation was born.

His passion for writing grew and was soon followed by several short stories including a precursor to what would eventually be Cat Nip, the second in the DarkWalk Investigations series.

As a purveyor of people, many of his characters are often a blend of those he’s come across while at work or at play. His uncanny ability to take the most mundane of life’s tasks and create a witty, often cynical view blends together for such an enjoyable read. His characters, even if they are riding the fence between good and evil, have some part of them that the reader can identify with. He can make his characters feel like they’re neighbors.

Jay lives on a resort island in Florida with his beautiful wife, a dog and their two cats. He makes it a mandatory part of every day to notice the people around him. When he’s not writing or working he enjoys movies, playing his guitar or designing his next costume for Halloween.